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PiXii Co-creation Launches Its First Workshop In Brussels

PiXii Co-creation launches its first workshop in Brussels

The first workshop of PiXii Co-creation started this week in Brussels aiming to initiatie synergies bewteen artists and innovative studios, key digital players and cultural institutions in order to develop international collaborative projects with immersive contents. This first chapter will allow PiXii Co-creation’s participants to find their partner and meet international decision-makers at the Kikk Festival in Namur.

What's on?

The twelve candidates previously selected last June all gathered in Brussels for the first « Creativity Blitzes » workshop. This workshop will allow participants to foster collaboration through a series of creative exercises with thematic constraints or formats.

As the main theme of this edition is « Migrations », they will also have the opportunity to learn more about the migrants cause through genuine testimonials and will meet international experts from different fiels (artistic, technological, museum, cultural mediation…) to acquire new professionnal skills.

During this first encounter, all the participants will be invited to compose their creative transnational team to continue the co-creation adventure.

Finally, participants will have the chance to meet international decision-makers and head of cultural sites during a matchmaking session and pre-organized one-to-one meetings happening at Kikk Festival in Namur, Belgium.

About KIKK Festival

Founded in 2011 in Namur, Belgium, KIKK is a non-profit association that promotes digital and creative cultures. They create bridges between art, culture, science and technology through 4 major projects.

The creative people that orbit the KIKK galaxy are working in a collaborative environment that favours openness, exchange and discovery. Our goals: to explore, question, experiment, compare, in cross-disciplinary way, the multiple uses of new technologies to prefigure the challenges of a world in motion.

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