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International co-creation program for XR projects in museums

PiXii Co-Creation is the first European incubator for XR projects designed to be presented in museums.

It offers digital creators and producers from Europe and Canada the opportunity to co-create and co-develop immersive projects for interactive installations during three key phases:

  • A 5 days incubator in Brussels, Belgium (November 1st to 5th, 2021): 12 selected creators will team up to co-create for each group a first concept;
  • A 5 days accelerator program in Thessaloniki, Greece (March 14th to 18th, 2022): the teams will co-develop their installation concepts into full project proposals;
  • In the final phase of the program, in La Rochelle, France (June 16th to 22nd, 2022): the proposals will be finalized and presented to a panel of internationally renowned museums representatives and decision makers.

The projects will receive the guidance of museum experience-design experts, digital storytellers and experienced producers, to enrich various aspects of the projects throughout the different phases, from ideation to final projects and their distribution strategies.

Theme: Migrations

The theme of “migrations” encompasses a wide variety of situations and perspectives. For the purpose of this co-creation incubator, we are focusing on human migrations, their causes, and the human experience at the heart of them. The goal is to explore what this theme means today, with all the rapid transformations our societies are subject to.

XR offers the opportunity to shed light on different facets of this theme, by creating meaningful experiences that challenge stereotypes and preconceived ideas, inviting us to step into alternate realities, or if you like, the reality of another!

Benefit of the Program

Participants will receive mentorship, networking experience, knowledge and exposure for their projects. They will join forces to develop new creations that will potentially be funded or exhibited in cultural institutions.

The program will help by giving :

  • A grant of 1 000 € to each of the selected participant. Accommodation and lunch during the three 5 days workshops. Free pro access to important events: Sunny Side of the Doc / Pixii, KIKK Festival.
  • At the end of the incubator, project managers will come up with one digital creation prototype minimum.
  • One winning project, chosen by an international jury of professional decision makers will benefit from the exclusive expertise and guidance of a mentor during the co-financing and co-production phases.
  • All projects, when completed, will be exposed during a special exhibition held by the MOMUS in Thessaloniki.

Who can apply?

Individual, collective or company based in European Union (EU) or Canada, new media talent, digital and/or visual artist, content producer, installation or scenography designer, innovative technological operator or studio (VR, AR, immersive or interactive devices, spatialized sound, mapping, data mining, etc.).

This call for participants is also open to storytellers, writers, composers, directors, coders or programmers whose skills can increase the efficiency of the projects.

Application requirements

The participants should send :

  • Portfolio of previous works of participant / collective / company
  • Letter of intention on the motivation to co-create with a participant of a different country (3 pages max)
  • Theme’s approach / presentation of the project (3 pages max)
  • Strategy to maximize the project’s impact (1 page max)

Participants must agree to take part in each of the 3 stages of the PiXii Co-Creation program. The program will be held in English.

Cultural partners supporting the program


May 18th 2021


June 23rd 2021, during SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC / PIXII in La Rochelle

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